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Rigo’s Locksmith has been rekeying automotive, residential, and commercial locks in Phoenix, AZ for more than 2 decades. We excel at automotive rekeying and commercial rekeying services. People need to rekey the locks for their home or business for many reasons. Instead of replacing the lock altogether, we simply alter the tumblers to host a new set of keys. This process is less expensive and just as effective.

We are the lock rekeying experts in Phoenix, AZ. Our family owned and operated business is very popular because we provide rekey services our customers can trust. Some locksmiths will attempt to push lock replacement over rekeying in order to increase their profits. We enhance our bottom line by treating our customers with respect. Nothing builds return customers like honest customer service and professional results.

At Rigo’s Locksmith we provide rekeying service for a wide array of reasons. Here are some of the most common:

• Roommate Moved Out With Key
• Lost Keys
• Business Key Holder Exits Employment
• Tenants Move Out
• Following A Break-In
• Anytime Key Access Is In Doubt
• New Home Purchase

Rekeying is affordable and efficient when provided by one of our highly trained locksmiths. We recommend rekeying service for all of our customers who think their locks are vulnerable due to key distribution.

Lock rekeying is the most advantageous solution unless the lock is too badly damaged for the rekey process. Locks should be rekeyed anytime there is doubt about your keys being in the wrong hands. The goal is to control who has access to the home or business. If there is any suspicion that too many keys are floating around, rekeying will solve the problem. Give Rigo’s Locksmith the opportunity to provide professional rekeying service for your home, business, or auto in Phoenix, AZ.